2 women of character who made history

women of character

These two women of character all have one thing in common: their taste for blood and their methods, which are radical, to say the least. Nevertheless, thanks to this, they have managed to become powerful women, making their opponents tremble with terror. Yet it is quite complicated to gather the historical sources of their existence. Note that much of what is told here unfortunately has no historical truth.

Elisabeth Bathory from Hungary – Countess Dracula

women of character

Also named the bloody countess, and you will soon understand why, see also the ogress of the Carpathians, Elisabeth Bathory of Hungary is considered one of the worst criminals in history, a killer with terrible impulses! Married at a very young age to Count Ferenc Nadasdy, nicknamed the Black Prince because of his violence in battle, a battle that he never left since he rarely came to see his wife, it was after the latter’s death that Elisabeth’s crimes became more frequent and above all more sinister.

The bloody countess, for example, liked to indulge in many sadistic practices, such as beating her servants who displeased her, at the slightest pretext: they were whipped, burned, disfigured and then abandoned to cold and hunger. But it was not these practices that earned her the nickname Countess Dracula. Elisabeth was paralyzed by a visceral fear of growing old. Her taste for blood, she obtained it while beating up a maid. The latter started bleeding from her nose, blood that also ran down the countess’s hands. It is said that Elisabeth had the impression that her skin gradually regained its former whiteness thanks to the blood.

She then surrounds herself with characters just as twisted as she is to recover « prey », young girls, children and teenagers who will serve as cattle for her blood orgies. The girls were beaten violently. Some had pierced necks. Others were bound with ropes that were then twisted so that they could sink into the flesh, which allowed their veins to open and the blood to spurt out on the countess. Some of the surviving girls said that the countess was taking bloodbaths and when she came out, servants had to lick the blood to dry her, lest a towel would damage her skin.

Servants who were heartless and unable to do this were then destined to fill her bath. When authorities entered the countess’s castle, an estimated 100 to 200 bodies were identified and removed. Elisabeth was not interrogated, but locked up without further trial in a walled room of the castle.4 years later, on August 21, 1614, she died at the age of 54.

Wu Zetian – The Dragon Empress

Between the ages of 12 and 14, Wu Zhao became one of Emperor Tang Taizong’s concubines under the name of Mei. Noticed for her great beauty as well as for her strong character, she quickly attracted the attention of the emperor as well as his son and heir Li Zhi. At the death of Taizong, she and the other concubines of the emperor were taken to the convent, Wu Zhao remained there 3 years before being taken out by the heir to the throne Li Zhi. It is from there that she sets up her terror.

Li Zhi, desperately in love with her, is however already married to the sterile Empress Wang, who however sees with a good eye the arrival of Wu Zhao as concubine, at the same time to allow the arrival of a successor but especially to undermine the influence of Xiaoshufei, the second wife. Serious mistake. The emperor will give a first child to his concubine… who will be suffocated by her, blaming the Empress Wang to destabilize her. However, this affair will have an influence when she will accuse the first and the second wife of witchcraft.

Trusting her concubine, she is chosen as the first wife, the two others being put to death in atrocious suffering by Wu Zhao. Become empress, she will be named Zetian which means « according to the will of heaven ». Her husband with the fragile health, Zetian will benefit from it to monopolize the power little by little in an increasingly sordid way: elimination of his political adversaries and decapitation of the mandarins obliging their daughters and wives to become his slaves.

The emperor dies in front of the disease (even if one suspects in fact Wu Zetian to be responsible for it) and it is his son who will take the power, while taking care to put it back in the hands of his mother. Shortly afterwards she degrades her sons to the rank of simple heirs, to take the power definitively and calls herself Holy Mother and Divine Emperor. She creates an order of inquisitors to interrogate and torture her enemies, thus getting rid of her opponents in the large families.

The institution being very criticized, she will end up getting rid of them in her turn by having them executed. Finally, on the night of February 22, 705, conspirators rushed with weapons in hand into the apartments of the old empress. They murder her favorites and force her to abdicate. The old empress dies a few months later, leaving the throne to her son, Zhongzong. She will have directed the immense China for half a century.