The Scariest Women in History

scariest women

History traces the lives of some of the most outstanding men, for good or ill! Saviours, dictators, killers, there have been some… but what we don’t tell you too much about is that there were also some scariest women! And what they tell you even less is that some of them were among the most dangerous and violent of humanity, making their male counterparts look like teddy bears! So we’ve chosen to introduce you to two of the deadliest women in history, most of them acting out of sadistic pleasure.


scariest women

Empress of the first half of the 1st century in Rome, Messalina was the fifth wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, mother of Britanicus and Octavia. She is an intriguing personality of antiquity, beautiful, sultry and inevitably a danger on legs. Messalina had many, many lovers during her life, lovers she chose from her slaves and imperial freedmen. If a man refused to be her lover… couic Tell you that she pushed vice far enough by disguising herself as a slave in Rome’s brothels to trap her suitors.

She also incited young women to abandon themselves in the arms of other men… all in front of their husbands… in the very heart of the imperial palace! If the husbands accepted, a reward was given; if they refused, couic Beyond her sadistic pleasures, Messalina also resorted to more « conventional » assassinations. Killings that were sometimes politically motivated, which was more or less normal at the time, such as the assassination of Caligula’s sister and one of his cousins, both very famous for their beauty.

She also put her lovers to death if they had a more beautiful garden than she did, or simply if one person had too much influence on her husband. Often, the killings were still much less reasonable and purely subjective, it was enough that the person displeased her and hop hop hop hop to the scaffold. The list of Messalina’s victims today is impossible to enumerate. It is too long and, above all, too old to be precise.

However, what must be understood is that her criminal temperament terrified the slaves and her entourage so much that they all began to plot against her! It is said that she tried to commit suicide, cornered by those who wanted to harm her. A failed attempt, since it is a soldier who will come to finish her off coldly.

Agathe Habyarimana

Akazu Agathe Habyarimana is the widow of former Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana, who died in the explosion of his plane by two surface-to-air missiles when he began his landing on 6 April 1994. The culprits are obvious: the Hutus considered to be accomplices of the rebels of the Rwandan patriotic front. Barely had time to mourn them when, the very next day, the family of President Habyarimana had only one watchword: execute political enemies.

Agathe Habyarima then asked the Interahamwe militiamen to help her get rid of the enemy: it was necessary to kill all the Tutsis. Thus the widow of the president was directly suspected of being involved in the genocide in Rwanda. An under-mediated genocide in which no less than 800,000 Rwandans, Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were killed during the 3 months of the conflict, from April 6 to July 4, 1994.

That is to say, hang on, no less than 10% of the population of Rwanda, not counting the succession of conflicts that followed this drama, bringing to 4 million the number of victims if we add Burundi and especially the Democratic Republic of Congo. Insecurity is still very high there today, and in 2006 the number of deaths was estimated at more than a thousand a day.

It is said that Agathe and her close family used to rejoice in private at each political enemy eliminated. Often presented as one of the thinking heads of Akazu, the first Hutu power circle that planned the Rwandan genocide, Agathe Habyarimana is considered to be the main person responsible still alive. She is also accused of having organized the attack of April 6, 1994 in which her husband was assassinated in his personal plane. She was subsequently evacuated to France by the French army, where she settled permanently in 1998. Today she is waiting to receive her residence permit.