Imagine India without women


There are almost no girls around India anymore. There used to be places where people would burn their daughters-in-law for dowry stories or throw them out on the street. Then we stopped letting them come into the world, so the result is that we are now lacking them.

Every 26 seconds, a woman has an abortion

In India, the birth of a daughter is not necessarily a happy event. Every 26 seconds, a woman has an abortion because she is expecting a girl. In some parts of India, this practice has led to the gradual disappearance of women. In the so-called Rihanna state, only 850 women per thousand men are left. For the past twenty years or so, people have been doing ultrasounds to determine the sex of their future child. If it’s a girl, have aborted the mother, that’s why there are fewer girls and more boys.

Nilamba is trying to change people’s mentalities. For more than 30 years, she has been fighting to offer the girls of her village a better future. Sarah, thirty years that I am a midwife sometimes there are women who ask me to send their daughter-in-law for an ultrasound to find out if it’s good or not, so I ask them « what does it mean: it’s good » They tell me, come on, you know what it means to have a boy.

As if having a girl didn’t matter. The reason for this is sexism, which is very present in India. The dowry, for example, condemns parents to spend large sums of money on their daughter’s marriage. Unlike boys, girls are therefore seen as a burden on the family. Having a daughter means getting into debt. You have to pay your dowry and then this and that.

We have to stop all this

When your son gets married, you find yourself there. Doesn’t it bother you to demand a dowry? Everyone should agree not to pay one. That would solve all the problems. We have to stop all this. If a girl goes to school and works outside, who’s going to cook food. Lislame’s fight involves educating parents. Yet abortions of girls are still very present in the country.

I will tell you, I hope with all my heart that God will hear you and that your prayers will be answered. The most important thing is that you will be healthy after giving birth and that your child will also be healthy and that your wish will come true and that you will have a son. But one last thing, I beg you, don’t listen to what all these good women are telling you, okay? I’m happy to do my job, when my patient is happy, I’m happy.