11 ideas you’ll never be caught off guard


We continue to share with you our daily beauty tips. Today, we’ve concocted 11 ideas so you’ll never be caught off guard. You can also read our previous article girls’ advice

Not everyone knows how to make well drawn cat’s eyes with an eye liner but everyone can buy an eyelash curler. Take the eye liner and trace the tip of the cat’s eye on the eyelash curler. Apply the eyelash curler on the eyelid and print the liner with a simple gesture and yes a cat eye can be done as easily and quickly.

To prepare a DIY eliminator you will need some aloe vera gel for the face and some eye shadows. Put some gel in a jar, add a pinch of clear eye shadow and a pinch of dry pigment, pour a little more glitter and mix well. The product is ready! You can try it, I must say that in terms of quality it is just as good as its brand name counterparts.


It’s easier to create a pronounced eye makeup than you think. Check it out, take a palette of eye shadows. Using a cotton swab, make several strokes of color on your eyelids. Carefully diffuse the strokes, apply plain and colored eye shadow on top with a brush and apply ordinary makeup. Diffuse the make-up. Nice, isn’t it?

For the next idea, take a watercolor brush, glitter, Vaseline and castor oil. Open the body of the brush, pour some vaseline in, add the oil and pour a few pinches of fine glitter. Mix gently with a skewer. Close the tube with the brush and get a glittering liquid perfect for the eyes. Your makeup will be really unique if you use the glitter!

For the next tip take a type of foundation and a sponge. Carefully cut out part of the period and make a small incision in the notch but deep enough to put the neck of the tube in. Insert the tube of foundation into the pages, it brings out the makeup. Make yourself a perfect complexion without having to get your hands dirty.

To effectively shade your upper eyelid, take an ordinary plastic cap and put it over your eyes. Remove the cap with dark eye shadow, the result is stylish and flawless.

For the next idea, take a thick sheet of paper and form a small envelope with it. You now need baking paper cut into a small rectangle. Take a packet of cornstarch and sprinkle the pieces of paper with it. Remove the excess cornstarch, collect the papers and put them in the envelope. Look at all the benefits of this product, no other accessory will absorb the grease on your face so precisely and efficiently.

A pimple on your face? He has no idea who he’s dealing with? And now he’s in trouble! Take half a lemon and a little honey. Pour a little honey over the lemon. Apply the lemon/honey remedy especially to your face. Clean it after a few minutes with a cotton pad. This method fights acne and helps to tone the skin perfectly. Now no pimples will dare to spoil your look.

It’s time to start getting ready for the winter vacations and learn how to do the right makeup. Take a palette of eye shadows in cool shades, paint your eyelid blue, apply white or light beige shadows over the blue. Draw a white snowflake with a fine brush in the outer corner of the eye. Decorate it with rhinestones, here is the final touch! A delicate lip gloss and a pinch of glitter to complete your look. The snow queen herself came to our party?

You’re out of makeup remover? Make a new one by yourself! Take half a cup of water, a children’s shower gel and baby oil. Pour some oil in a separate bottle and add a few drops of gel. Add the water in it, shake it well. Remove make-up easily and healthily.

You have an urgent appointment and your hair is dirty? It’s such a common problem but we know how to deal with it. To save your hairstyle, take talcum powder again, sprinkle it on your roots and shake your hair. Talcum powder absorbs excess grease. All you have to do is comb out the excess talc and everything is back in order. Did you like our tips which idea you found most interesting and useful?