7 beauty tips to be beautiful


Do you think it would be difficult to set up your own beauty salon at home? If you know some simple but important tips about makeup and beauty, you can do it in no time.

A little moustache above your upper lip is not something most girls want to see in a mirror, but we’ll tell you how to prevent that nasty fuzz from appearing above your lips. Take an egg, oatmeal and a lemon. Squeeze half a lemon into the flakes, add an egg white, mix all the ingredients together until it turns into puree. Apply the mask to your skin above your upper lips. Wait a few minutes, rinse the mask and the fine hairs leave with it. Now you can forget that moustache you hate so much!

Why is my girlfriend jumping on the couch the moment I decide to put on makeup? Can you be more careful? Now my white shirt is stained with cosmetics. I was about to go out with my buddy and he came to the rescue. Shaving cream? Put some on the stains. Wait a few minutes and wipe off the foam with towels. There were stains before that, but if so, where did they go?


The next tip will tell you how to make your lipstick unique. Take a lipstick, use a cutter for a clean and precise cut. With a safety pin make a heart-shaped hollow. On the cutout take a lipstick of a different color. Melt a small piece in a spoon over a candle, pour the colored mass into the heart. Cut the top layer, a beautiful colored heart appears. Who’s likely to be the only one with such a stylish lipstick?

A neat and stylish manicure is the passion of all fashionistas. To do so, take a piece of thick film and nail polish. Using a toothpick, paint multicolored hearts on the film. Wait for the decorations to dry, remove the hearts with tweezers. Stick them on your nails. Cover the two transparent nail polishes. You can now create designs to decorate your nails by yourself.

Did you apply eyebrow makeup that’s a little too dark? But you don’t have time to do it again. Regular baby powder will help solve this problem. Pour a little talcum powder on your makeup brush. Powder and lighten your eyebrows with the shade you want. Problem solved!

For the next idea take a hairpin. Spread it out a little so that it roughly matches the shape of your lip contour. Paint the metal corner with lipstick. Apply it on top of the upper lip and trace the outline. Make up your lips completely and get ready to conquer the world with your beauty!

You only have one lip pencil in your cosmetic case and you left your favorite lipstick at home? It doesn’t matter because you can easily make more lipstick. Take a lighter, warm the lipstick. Once the pigment has melted, put one on your finger. The shade is applied cleanly and evenly. Your final makeup looks so pretty that even a professional makeup artist wouldn’t notice the trick.

Has your favorite foundation dried up? Take a baby lotion and save your foundation. Remove the dispenser from the foundation bottle and pour some baby lotion into the bottle. Replace the dispenser and mix it well. And now your must-have product is ready for use again.

The best lip balm is the one you make yourself. Take 1 wax crayon and a few pieces of solid coconut oil. Sharpen a few small shavings of the pencil in the coconut oil and add some glitter. Collect the mixture in a spoon and melt it over a candle. When the oil and wax have completely melted, pour the colored liquid into a lipstick tube.