Young women : Various formats in 2020

young women

The actress and the YouTuber relies on the steadfastness of the believer on youth fashion options in a renewed style, and through her accounts on social media, she publishes many stunning looks suitable for young women on all occasions, so we have inspired ten options for you from which you can apply some of them in line with fashion lines.

Youth formats in an official style for young women

Young girls prefer to adopt simple costumes in modern colors that are in line with the fashion lines of business looks or formal options in general, and in this way, the steadfastness of the believer was dressed up in white pants and a blouse with an orange blazer with a tie to the waist, and she completed her appearance with soft golden accessories and yellow sunglasses, in addition to the hairstyle.

The wavy drop on one of the shoulders, and the makeup based on brown and pink tones for a soft and simple option, and in the second look she chose a decent white blouse with brown pants with a high waist, and completed her appearance with brown shoes and a bag in a darker shade of brown and a golden necklace with overlapping circles, and resorted to the hairdo. With brown make-up.

Black color looks

Girls rely heavily on black pieces for their choices; This is because it gives their figures a thinner look, and adds more luxury to their looks, and inspired by the steadfastness of the believer, we chose for you – my dear – three different looks. 

Where she appeared in the first look with a shiny black blouse designed with a drop-down cut and long sleeves with black trousers and black heels, and completed the beauty of the look with a hairstyle and floral makeup, for a simple appearance suitable for simple gatherings and daily walks, and in the second look, she wore black cotton pants.

And a gray T-shirt with white sporty shoes and a gray hat for a simple sporty option and suitable for daily walks, and for a third option, she wore a long black dress decorated with glitter in the chest and a transparent mesh at the neck, and she was complemented by silver jewelry with the hairstyle of raised hair and brown make-up for an evening look.

Coats options for fall and winter

During the fall and the winter seasons, young girls resorted to different coats, and for steadfastness, she coordinated a brown leather coat with a black blouse and blue jeans for a simple neutral option. With a wavy hairstyle, she adorned in an autumn look with a skirt, a coat of red jeans and a white winter blouse, and completed her look with a wavy hairdo raised in the middle with makeup based on red and brown shades.

Girls of symmetrical textures abundantly choose white dresses ; As it shows the beauty of their body, so the steadfastness of the believer appeared in a short white dress designed with long sleeves and decorated with a soft cut and brown buttons, and she completed her appearance with a modern brown bag with the hairdo and earthy make-up for a simple and elegant appearance, as well as a short summer dress designed with long sleeves decorated with elastic, with the hairdo Levitating and huge earrings.

The fashion of young girls differs from the others, by adopting simple pieces and coordinating them in a modern style appropriate for their different ages and personalities, and because the steadfastness of the believer is one of the most distinguished young girls in this period, you can – my dear – to adopt these looks to increase the beauty of your appearance.