Life guides and parents ’advice to children is a must when children agree to enter the arena of life, especially if it is new, such as travel and university life.

The intelligent person learns from his mistakes, but the smartest learns from the mistakes of others

Students in exile!

After the children grow up and reach the entrance to universities, each of them tries to find the best university that he can join, and some of them may find the opportunity to be accepted in universities outside their country of origin, either to gain a better education or to the existence of a suitable opportunity in that country that combines study and work after that, so planning begins Thinking and soon decides to separate this son from his family.

Life Tips

In this case the parents begin to hesitate! Do they allow their son to travel or not, and they are right, how does the pleasure of their liver go where they do not see him? What might he encounter there? Will he be able to remain alone and adapt to life in exile, and after the decision to travel is decided, they begin to direct observations and recommendations to him.

Parents’ advice

Our parents and grandparents do not hesitate to direct advice and guidance to us, whether they find a reason for advice or not, but when repeating the same instructions or making advice and guidance a boring routine, we may forget these advice or hear it with our ears only without passing it on to our minds and we may make mistakes they had made before and they warn us Whoever falls into it or ordered us to do something or a habit, we left it and regretted it and said if we knew about it – the believer is not stung twice from a hole – the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said.

Life Guidelines

And the writer mentioned an article about life guidelines in which he mentioned wonderful tips, we liked that everyone who is in the prime of youth should read them and know about them, as they came in a simple style that combines many meanings with a few words:

Jackson Brown got up from his sleep on the night that his son was going to college on her morning morning, to write some instructions for him in a paper that he kept with him in his wallet and read it every period so that his mind would not be distracted and he would only forget about the reception. 1500 guides and tips were subsequently printed and sold in bookstores.

We mention some of them that benefit the student:

  • Beware of bank offers, however tempting they are
  • rely on God but close your door really well
  • Never give up, and have an exit plan
  • Don’t make a decision when you’re angry
  • Be brave, and if you aren’t, pretend, no one will notice the difference
  • learn how to listen because invisible chances need a strong ear
  • Do not deprive others of hope, as this may be all they have
  • When you come across a good book, buy it even if you haven’t read it
  • Be kinder than you really are, but don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness
  • Smile, it does not cost you anything, nor is it worth the money
  • Don’t buy expensive brands when you find something cheaper with the same quality
  • Don’t believe everything you hear, don’t spend all you have, and don’t sleep as much as you want
  • Take care of your reputation well, as days will prove to you that they are your most valuable asset
  • Do not fear big obstacles. Behind them lie great opportunities
  • It may not take more than one person to turn your life upside down
  • Choose your life mate carefully; It is a decision that draws three quarters of your life
  • Turn your enemies into friends by doing something surprising and beautiful for them
  • When opportunity knocks on your door invite her to overnight
  • Learn the rules well and then crack some
  • Judge your success by your ability to give, not take
  • Focus on making things better, not bigger and greater
  • Be happy with what you have, and work to own what makes you happy
  • Give people more than they expect
  • Do not be too busy to meet new people
  • Stay away from suspicious places. Bad events happen there
  • The failure to spend his money is a failure in everything in his life
  • Don’t be threatening unless you have the ability to execute
  • Learn first aid, as we all regret it
  • When someone asks you a question you don’t like, smile and say (Why do you want to know)
  • Surprise an old friend with a surprise call
  • travel and see a new places with open mind
  • Write down ten things you want to accomplish in your life, then put the paper in your wallet
  • Everyone you meet has something special, try to learn from it
  • Record the voice of your father and mother laughing
  • Always save ten percent of your income
  • The more you learn, the more fear you will arouse