The world of women and beauty


Women and beauty

Women are the most beautiful creatures of God Almighty ever, and she is a creature that loves beauty and beautification and seeks to achieve it. God, may He be glorified and exalted, created her and made her look after herself and strive to appear in the most beautiful way, and He granted her the love of adornment and adornment, and interest in her outward appearance.

A beautiful woman is considered a woman of great strength and charisma. This is because of the sway of beauty over hearts, and because of its effect on delighting eyes.

That is why every woman is interested in keeping up with the ways that make her know every little thing about her external image, and she has no problem with paying money, or getting tired to achieve this goal.

A woman cannot be a perfect and beautiful female if she does not have the inner and outer beauty together. As the beauty of the outer form only does not last, and gradually disappears, as for the inner beauty it remains forever, and is never assailed by the hand of time, and in most cases, the inner beauty prevails over the outer.

A woman’s inner beauty

The inner beauty of the woman appears through several things, the very most important of which are: Beautiful women have good morals. So she protects herself, rises from vices, elevates her morals, and has a good reputation before her outward appearance.

She has a wide culture , deep knowledge, and knowledge of many important and important knowledge, and reads many books; To beautify her mind before her body. Kind-hearted, sympathetic to everyone, and treats others very tenderly.

It maintains its femininity and does not irritate it with sharpness, loud voice, and childish movements. You are modest and courteous, do not be arrogant, and do not hurt their feelings. Tender heart, and broad-chested. It improves speech and discussion, and improves listening to others’ speech, and listening to them.

She is skilled at housework, cooking, caring for children, and doing the chores on her own. She is interested in acquiring knowledge and pursues it, and she has a dream and ambition that she seeks to achieve. She always keeps her smile.

The beauty of the outward appearance

Showing the beauty of the external appearance of a woman:

She is concerned with her personal hygiene, such as cleanliness of the body and clothes. You have an ideal weight, a lean body, and a healthy fit. She is interested in her body scent; Nothing but a fragrant, sweet scent emits from it. She takes care of her complexion, takes care of her freshness, color, and softness. She removes excess hair from her body, such as trimming eyebrows, and removing excess facial hair; Because excess hair negatively affects a woman’s beauty.

She takes care of her hair, combing it frequently, and takes care of its cleanliness, color and appearance. She wears elegant clothes that suit both her body and her age. She takes care of choosing the colors of her makeup and clothes. She takes care of applying eyeliner in her eyes; Because kohl is one of the basics of cosmetic steps.

She eat complete and healthy food ; Because a beautiful woman with fresh skin and beautiful hair cannot be beautiful with a lack of the important elements for her beauty, especially her health. She masters her makeup, and she is skilled at drawing a picture of her face, without exaggeration or being overworked. She is concerned with the appearance of her teeth, their whiteness, and their beauty. You walk stubbornly, and dignified.