Woman of forty : 5 tips to take care of your beauty

woman of forty

After a woman enters the age of forty, she gradually begins to lose the glow in her skin as a result of the lack of collagen production, as woman of forty need to pay attention to their health and beauty in particular, by following a healthy diet, and a daily routine to take care of her external appearance, so we present to you tips to increase women’s beauty, And keeping her healthy after forty:

A healthy lifestyle

It is known, according to many studies, that indicate the difficulty of losing weight after the age of 40, as the amount of burning decreases, so it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle that consists in introducing more fiber and useful nutrients, and avoiding as much as possible from foods saturated with fat, and replacing them with useful foods.

Such as increasing the share of nuts, and foods rich in omega-3, such as: walnuts, flaxseeds, spinach, salmon, and foods containing omega-3 are known to promote heart health, as they help reduce the proportion of triglycerides in the body, which protects against sclerosis. Arteritis, and a number of studies confirmed that omega-3 acids reduce the risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, hyperactivity disorder, and distraction.

It is not only food that contributes to delaying aging, but you should exercise and walk for at least 30 minutes a day, and it is also highly recommended to practice yoga, which works to tighten the body.

Getting rid of wrinkles

Today’s wrinkles are no longer a ghost that haunts women around the world, due to the tremendous progress in the world of aesthetic medicine, as many women today resort to injections of fillers and botox to get rid of fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and the mouth, but always remember not to exaggerate these procedures Plastic surgery, choosing a clinic with a known reputation and not being swept away by social media ads without making sure of the doctor’s skill.

Remember that botox injections will not be enough without sufficiently moisturizing your skin, choosing the right cream for your skin type, and drinking adequate amounts of water.


Lack of sleep and not getting enough of it is the first enemy of your skin, and your physical health. Lack of sleep leads to dry skin and redness, because the skin restores its moisture balance during sleep, which leads to accelerating skin aging and increases the rate of skin cracking and the appearance of pimples and pimples, So you will notice your skin losing its freshness over time.

Medical examinations

It is very necessary to carry out medical examinations every 6 months, especially those related to early detection examinations for breast cancer, or to perform a cervical examination, in addition to periodic examinations to detect the percentage of salts, cholesterol and vitamin B in the body, to take the necessary nutritional supplements, to reduce any health problems May experience you.

Enjoy the positivity

women of forty

Reaching the age of 40 does not mean the end of life, or even the beginning of old age, at this age precisely you have a sober personality, and you have understood life from its correct perspective, and you have sufficient experience in managing your personal affairs, and facing problems, the age of 40 is the completion of your youth stage and the beginning of a new phase of Your life, strive to live it in a correct way, away from any discomfort or negativity that may bother you.