Top 9 of fashion magazines in the world

fashion magazines


The fashion magazine, led by the great and brilliant Anna Wintour (American novel), has been around since 1988. The publication appeared at all in the penultimate century – in 1892. It is currently in vogue outside in 21 countries. In the world of fashion magazines, this is perhaps the most authoritative publication writing about fashion and style.


The name of the magazine is translated from French as « she ». The slogan of the publication, which was popular in the first years of its existence, sounded funny in French: if you read, read il . The magazine was founded in 1945 by a married couple Helen and Pierre Lazarev / Helen, by the way, she was a Russian immigrant, daughter. Boris Gordon, who made a fortune in the tobacco factories. Elle loves to mix democratic brands with luxury brands, stick to the Mix & Match principle, and still prefer to talk about fashion and style in a positive way.

Harper’s Bazaar

The magazine was born in 1867, becoming one of the first editions devoted to fashion. True, at first they published a newspaper, later they switched to magazine format. The cover of the first issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar depicts the beautiful Sharon Stone.

Marie Claire

The magazine first appeared in France in 1937. However, due to the German occupation, Marie Claire’s release was stopped, like many other publications. The magazine reopened in 1954. Since then, Marie Claire’s birth number has been preserved.


The publication, which appeared in 1939, was the first to be called the Glamor of Hollywood (Hollywood Glamor), and is dedicated to the life of the stars. Modern reviews and tips regarding personal life, work, and health have gradually emerged. In 1998, Glamor became the first version of the innovative miniature format.


The magazine covers all areas of culture, including fashion. Using the slogan « Out of scope. Of genres. Of trends, » Numero writes about the latest trends in cinema, architecture, music, design, and of course, fashion. The magazine supports novice photographers and models, develops innovative ideas and features interesting photography.


The famous British magazine has been published since 1992. It covers all areas of urban life, with great attention to fashion. This year the magazine got thicker, but not every month, but only six times a year. Well that’s another reason to find and buy it. However, the magazine does have a full online version.


The magazine appeared in 1994 and talks about stars, costumes, interiors, and travel. On the magazine’s first cover was a picture of Barbara Streisand, this set is the bar. If you put other posts on the covers of models, then InStyle – celebrities only.


The magazine was born in 1921. Its full name was: L’Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris – the official publication of Parisian fashion, tailoring and tailoring .