6 symbols of beauty among your friends and family

symbols of beauty

People’s tastes differ from one person to another, so our fingers are not one, and each of us has his own taste in every matter of life, whether in our definition of beauty or other matters, in this article we will talk about women and their symbols of beauty, and what distinguishes them from others in order to judge them Is it beautiful or not.

There are some criteria that we can define to determine the proportion of a woman’s beauty, and they are many and different. Among these signs:

1- Long eyelashes: Long eyelashes are considered one of the aesthetic features that give the eyes a dazzling look and a special elegance.

2- The shape of the face: the moderate shape of the face, that is, that which is neither long nor round, is one of the signs of beauty in a woman.

3- Defined eyebrows: Whenever your eyebrows are drawn and defined, no matter how thick or lifted they are, you have one of the signs of female beauty.

4- Hair between the eyebrows: You may be surprised at this point, while women rush to get rid of hair between the eyebrows, some see it as one of the standards of beauty for women.

5- Dimples: Among the most prominent signs of female beauty, we mention the dimples, which add to the woman a striking attraction that leaves everyone who saw her. And it is the sign of beauty that a man loves and prefers, whether it is on the cheek or the chin.

6- Small ear: Men love a woman’s small ear, accompanied by a small mouth and nose.