Originals adidas opens Oddly ZXatisfying Museum in Dubai Design District

Oddly ZXatisfying Museum

Adidas Originals celebrates their new ZX 2K BOOST designs with the opening of their Oddly ZXatisfying Museum in the Dubai Design District. Visitors can expect to be fully immersed in the world of ZXIENCE, inspired by the new design and made up of elements aimed at providing an incredibly unique and complete sensory experience, highlighting the unique sales offerings of products based on innovation, technology and comfort.

The temporary museum includes exhibition facilities and items that will take visitors to an all-sensory experience at every stop. By capturing the true essence of ZXIENCE, visitors will see different stations in the museum that give them a new experience of familiar things, such as clay, ASMR sounds, magnets, and of course the arts (a museum is only a museum of art), allowing them to fully interact and immerse themselves with their surroundings. From the moment their feet touch the floor of the entrance until they leave, all their senses will be aroused, leaving them with an amazing sense of contentment.

ensure the safety of everyone is a top priority, all social distancing precautions will be taken. Communicate with each other, and enjoy the different experiences in the museum.

In addition to the ZXIENCE experience, the new designs ZX 2K BOOST and ZX 2K FLUX will be sold at the museum.

Take a look at the photos to get a first look at what awaits you at Oddly ZXatisfying!

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